One Day in Venice, Italy

I have always dreamed of going on a gondola ride in the canals of Venice. I made it a point to visit when I was in Eastern Europe because who knows when it’ll be unsafe to visit the sinking city. I wanted to love Venice, I had dreams of getting lost in the narrow passageways and crossing over all the canal bridges. However, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with my visit to Venice and with the gondola ride. I was unaware of how touristy the entire city is. In fact, very few Venetians even live in the city. It’s really there just for tourists. Most of the streets we walked down had a ton of shops, and not just Italian shops. They were super expensive and fancy and made me wonder if anyone ever even bought anything from them.

Our gondola ride was not quiet and it was super short. The person steering us around the canals was loud and yelling to his friends in the other gondolas. It lasted maybe 20 minutes and didn’t feel worth the expense. Definitely not like those romantic rides you see in movies.

With all that being said, I’m glad I visited the city. The architecture is beautiful and it was pretty neat to see the streets flooding from all the rain. I enjoyed visiting St. Mark’s Basilica and getting some tasty Italian gelato.

Below is the Bridge of Sighs that we saw as we first got off our ferry.

Bridge of Sighs

I did enjoy walking over all the bridges and looking down the narrow canals. It must be pretty cool to get to work by boat every day.

Venice Canals

I spent some time touring St. Mark’s Basilica. I was unable to get pictures of the inside due to their policy, but I do remember how uneven the marble floor was because of water damage. Even the front foyer was flooded a little when we were there. I’m thankful we went in November because it wasn’t that crowded. Our guide mentioned in the summer time, people may wait for hours to get inside. I don’t think it’s worth that long of a wait.

St. Mark's Basilica

4 bronze horse statues.


Views of St. Mark’s Square that’s lined by soooo many shops.

St. Mark's Square

You can see St. Mark’s Basilica off in the distance on the left with the Campanile in the foreground. Definitely spend the money to go up in the tower, the views are worth it!

St. Mark's Square

St. Mark's Campanile

Views from the St. Mark’s Campanile, a must do!

View from the Campanile

Always trying to keep Venice afloat. But really, look how close the water is to the surface!

Working on Walkway

Venice Views

When in Venice… here are a few pictures from my gondola ride.

Gondola Ride

Views from the Gondola

This was probably my favorite moment of the gondola ride. No other boats in sight and I was able to see down at the bridges crossing the waterway. Beautiful! Also, check out the buildings on the bottom by the water. Lots of water damage.

Venice Canals

We saw several beautiful buildings from the gondola with very unique architecture.

Views from the Gondola

The famous Rialto Bridge. I actually recognized this bridge because they have a replica in Las Vegas, haha.

Rialto Bridge



Lots of gondolas all lined up!


Didn’t even have to go to Pisa to see a leaning tower!

Leaning Tower of Venice

As you can see from the umbrellas in the shot above, it rained during most of my time in Venice. I was prepared for the rain and didn’t mind walking around in it, but definitely wear boats if you think it’ll rain during your visit. The walkways were very flooded and people in my group got soaked.

Have you been to Venice? I’d really love to hear your honest opinion of it!

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46 thoughts on “One Day in Venice, Italy

  1. Definitely a worth reading travel story. I have seen many people talking about how they didn’t find Venice as appealing as it sounds. I love how you shared your experience with the markets and gondola rides in full honesty.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gorgeous photos. What a lovely city. I hope to visit there someday.

    The gondola ride sounds like a bit of a tourist trap but what can you do. It still looked like a lovely ride.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I went to Venice during summer a few years ago and thought it was so beautiful! The gondola ride is definitley a must when visiting there. The guy I had sang some of the traditional Italian songs. I loved it!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I love Venice! Although I do definitely agree that the gondola rides are not worth it! I just enjoyed exploring, getting lost and going in and out of the little shops! I was too scared to go up the tower as I hate heights, and we got stuck in a May thunderstorm so we were soaked too🙈 great post!

    Liked by 2 people

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