An Evening in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I still struggle to say Ljubljana and I’ll leave you to guess how it should be pronounced. I spent an evening wandering around downtown Ljubljana, admiring the buildings along the river and its many bridges!

Below is Butcher’s Bridge with the Ljubljana Castle looming in the background.

Butcher's Bridge

Below is Dragon Bridge, which I enjoyed the most because of the colorful lights and the dragon statues on each end!

Dragon Bridge

One of the dragon statues at the end of Dragon Bridge.


I took the funicular from the town up Castle Hill to the Ljubljana Castle. The view below is from a tower that we climbed. The view was a little hazy, but made me realize the city is a lot bigger than I originally thought.

Ljubljana Castle

View from the castle.

View from the Castle

There were all kinds of museums and exhibits to view as we walked around the castle. Below is from the chapel we stumbled upon.

Castle Church

One area of the castle had some very interesting art pieces. Have you seen Stranger Things? This reminds me of one of those creatures!


A tiny man on a big horse!

Horse & Man Sculpture

A really cool kangaroo trash can!

Kangaroo Trash Can

We walked along the water and enjoyed the beautiful architecture.

River Views

The most photographed building in Ljubljana, the Franciscan Church.

Franciscan Church

Below is Triple Bridge, super unique!

Triple Bridge

A cool monument in the main square.


So I have to know, have you ever been to another city that has so many pedestrian bridges in such a small area? I can’t think of a single one!

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