Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

On my drive from Krakow to Budapest, I stopped in Banska Bystrica for lunch. I didn’t wander far from the main square, but enjoyed the architecture of the buildings and the openness.

The cover photo shows the main square with the monument in the center and buildings lining the outside. I ventured into a few shops and had a delicious hot chocolate at one of the restaurants. I’ll be honest, I bought the hot chocolate so I could use the bathroom, but it was still good!

Pictured below is Hodinová veža, or the main square.

Hodinová veža

The building below is called the Banska Bystrica Castle. I can see the castle like structure, but it was actually a restaurant at the bottom. Still looks neat!

Banska Bystrica Castle

Below is the backside of the “castle.”

Back of the Castle

Unfortunately, the Church of the Assumption was closed during my visit so I didn’t get to go inside and wander around. However, I did admire the beautiful architecture and colors from the outside. It matched closely to the castle that was located nearby.

Church of the Assumption

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is right in the main square and isn’t hard to miss.

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral

Have you ever been to more than 2 countries in one day? This stop was fun for me because in the morning I was in Poland, for lunch I was in Slovakia, and that night I was in Hungary!

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8 thoughts on “Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

  1. I have been to Krakow and Budapest but never stopped by Banska Bystrica. Looks super cool. Love those small towns that look like a fairytale. The architecture looks a lot like Krakow!! Lovely pics too.

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  2. I’d love to go to Slovakia. It’s so funny that you bought a hot chocolate to use the bathroom – I find myself doing the same thing so often, Buying drinks because I need to pee…so I then need to pee!

    I think I’ve done 3 or 4 in a day when we used to visit a family friend in Luxembourg, catching the ferry to calais and then driving through Europe.

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