Wieliczka, Poland Salt Mine Tour

Just outside Krakow is the Wieliczka Salt Mine where you can tour an old salt mine and the amazing salt sculptures that the miners created over time. I was a little skeptical about visiting the mine at first, but once we were down inside and got to see all the sculptures, it was a unique experience.

We walked down many, many stairs to get to the bottom. Luckily they let you take an elevator at the end to go back up. We had someone who spoke English walk us through the mine and tell us about its history and the significance behind some of the sculptures and rooms. Below are just a few pictures I took inside the mine.

Salt Mine Sculpture

They even had a few with light shows and speaking to reenact certain scenes.

King Sculpture

Salt Mine

The grand finale was this amazing cathedral completely carved out of salt!



The detail was insane! Imagine how many hours someone spent carving each of these into the salt.

Salt Sculptures

The main altar within the cathedral.


The last supper.

Last Supper

Crazy that everywhere we walked inside the mine was salt, even these stairs.

Salt stairs

We got a glimpse of this beautifully blue “lake” inside the mine.

Mine Lake

You can see the tracks that they used to transport the salt.

Mine Tunnels

It was definitely an interesting experience visiting the mine. We stopped there on our way to Krakow and there wasn’t much else to do in the area. If you appreciate unique art, this is definitely a great stop for you.

What kind of unique cave experiences have you had?

16 thoughts on “Wieliczka, Poland Salt Mine Tour

  1. Beautiful photos! I once went caving in New Zealand – far too scary. The only thing that kept me going was not wanting to be there another second otherwise I’d have gone in to full panic mode. Slightly different I know! Lol. Looking back I don’t know why I agreed to go! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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