Budva, Montenegro

During our day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik, we stopped in Budva. Budva was an interesting destination. It can be a huge party scene, but we were there for the old town views. We wandered the city, which was pretty dead in the off season.

My favorite part of visiting Budva was taking a coastal path out to a secluded beach and enjoying the views from there.

Below are a few pictures from our wanderings around the town. Very similar to other old cities with the narrow alleyways and stone buildings.

Budva old city

St. Ivan’s Church is shown below.

St. Ivan's Church

Anyone else love old fortresses and city walls? Below shows part of the city walls. You can actually go inside and visit several museums if you have time.

Budva city wall and museum

If I saw this building at night, I may have been a bit more freaked out with the vines all over it!

Budva old building

Beautiful views overlooking the water. From here, we walked along the water and found a pathway that took us to a secluded beach.

Budva, Montenegro

You can see the old town area in the background. This is one of the many spectacular views from the coastal walk. Our guide told us when it’s low tide, and obviously a lot warmer out, you can walk out to that island in the water!

Views from coastal walk

Views from coastal walk

Budva, Montenegro Old Town

The cliffs along the walk were very unique looking! There was even a cat hanging out on the cliffs that people were trying to feed.

Rock formation

The beautiful secluded beach we walked to. You can actually keep going further, but we had to head back to meet up with our driver to take us back to Dubrovnik.

Budva secluded beach

My favorite destination in Montenegro was Kotor, but I’m glad we got to have a taste of some of the other towns like Perast and Budva. If you’re looking for something to do during your stay in Dubrovnik, I would highly recommend either renting a car or taking a tour to Montenegro!

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