Kotor, Montenegro

During my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia I went on a day trip to Montenegro. The main destination was Kotor, so after our short stop in Perast we drove to Kotor and enjoyed a tour of the town.

Below is the gate we walked through to get into the old town.

Kotor entrance

The very thick gate entrance had some interesting carvings inside.

Kotor entrance carvings

Yes, that clock tower is slightly leaning. Apparently earthquakes are pretty common in Montenegro and a more recent one damaged the clock tower.

Kotor, Montenegro

St. Tryphon was the biggest, most grand church we saw in Kotor.

St. Tryphon Cathedral in Kotor

St. Tryphon Cathedral

Just like most old cities, Kotor had some long, narrow alleyways to walk around.

Kotor Alleyway

St. Luke’s Church is shown below.

St. Luke's Church

The highlight of my time spent in Kotor was walking along the old city walls up the hill looking down over the city. There were a lot of steps, but the view was amazing! Below is a picture of the path we took up, up and up!

Kotor Hike

The view doesn’t get much better than that!

Kotor views

An old church we stumbled across on our hike of the city walls. You can do a much larger hike, but we stopped once we got here. The views were great and we were on a time constraint.

Church on city walls hike

View from church

St. Michael’s Church back down in the town. There were so many churches scattered about the old town.

St. Michael's Church

St. Nicholas Church, which we actually went inside.

St. Nicholas Church

Inside St. Nicholas Church.

Inside St. Nicholas Church

Inside St. Nicholas Church

Check out the moat surrounding Kotor!

Kotor Moat

Kotor was a really great old city to wander around. There were cats everywhere and the hike up the hill overlooking the city was amazing. After Kotor, we hopped in our van and heading to Budva.

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17 thoughts on “Kotor, Montenegro

  1. Kotor looks astonishing. I always love looking at small places with rich history and character. I hope one day I can travel like this. But for now, thank you for sharing those beautiful photographs and your trip experiences. It’s so inspiring to see how many amazing little gems there are in our planet.

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