Perast, Montenegro

During my time in Dubrovnik, Croatia I took a day trip to Montenegro. Our main destination was Kotor, but we stopped in Perast on the way there.

The most popular thing to do in Perast is to take a short boat ride to Our Lady of the Rocks island. The island was created with lots of rocks and sunken ships and contains a church and museum.

The church has a distinct blue roof that we could see as we drove around the Bay of Kotor.

Perast, Montenegro

This is our view of the town of Perast as we set out on our short boat trip to the island. We were there in February and it was a little chilly on the water and on the island. I’d highly recommend bringing a windbreaker!

Perast, Montenegro

I loved seeing the mountains surrounding Perast and the beautiful architecture.

Perast, Montenegro

Once we made it to the island, we walked around and admired the church. There’s a small fee to enter the museum if you’re interested. It was actually pretty crowded while we were there, so we just stuck to the outside.

Our Lady of the Rocks Island

We could see the Island of St. George from where we were. Surprisingly, that island is a natural island and actually has trees growing on it!

Perast views

This is the backside of the church where you enter for the museum.

Our Lady of the Rocks Island

Some additional views from our wanderings around the island.

Building on the island

The Bay of Kotor is absolutely beautiful with its position right between some mountains.

Water views

Though the church was pretty and there were some nice views from the island, I don’t think Perast is a “must see.” If you have the time and are looking for something to do, then definitely make the stop.

Church in Perast, Montenegro

Back to the town so we can head onto Kotor!

Views from the church back to town

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6 thoughts on “Perast, Montenegro

  1. First of all I love that in Europe you can visit another country for a day. I miss that now I’m in Canada. Your photos are beautiful, it looks like a wonderful place for a visit

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