One day in Zagreb, Croatia

I visited Croatia in February 2019 with my sister for her 30th birthday. Our main purpose for visiting Croatia was to spend time in Dubrovnik. However, flying from the US was a lot cheaper if we flew in and out of Zagreb and I’m so glad we did. We spent approximately one full day in the city and were able to see and do so many things.

Right in the center of one of Zagreb’s squares, Trg Bana Jelacica, is this statue of Croatian Governor Ban Josip Jelacic who was governor in the 1850’s.

Statue of Horse and Rider

Trg Bana Jelacica is the square where we hopped on and off the train constantly and also got to walk around a nice market. The square is in the lower town and has stairs up to Dolac Market and the upper town.

Trg Bana Jelacica in Zagreb, Croatia

Right from Trg Bana Jelacica, you can find these unique stairs to Dolac Market. Unfortunately, the market wasn’t running when we were there, but we enjoyed the artwork on the stairs!

Painted Stairs to Dolac Market

Painted Stairs to Dolac Market

One of the city’s highlights is the Zagreb Cathedral. We got there just as the sun was beginning to set and enjoyed watching the sun reflect off the cathedral. Right in front of the cathedral is Kaptol Square and also some old city walls!

Zagreb Cathedral

Kaptol Square, Zagreb

Kaptol Square, Zagreb

St. Mark’s Church, shown below, is the first church I’ve seen with such a decorative roof! This was a very popular area with walking tours as the church is so unique.

St. Mark's Church

In the same square as St. Mark’s Church is Banski Dvori, which is currently being used by Croatia’s government.

Banski Dvori

Opposite Banski Dvori you’ll find Sabor, Croatia’s Parliament building. I was surprised to find you could just walk right up to the outside!

Zagreb Sabor

Below is another one of Zagreb’s churches, St. Catherine’s Church. You can even see the moon shining in the sky above it.

St. Catherine's Church, Zagreb

Looking at the church, you can see a small gate on the right hand side. If you walk through there, you can get a lovely view over the city below. I always love a unique sunset! This one treated us with cotton candy skies.

Zagreb Sunset

If you’re feeling up to climbing some stairs, Lotrscak Tower is worth it for the views! If you’re in Zagreb during the day, you can hear the cannon being shot at noon each day! We got to see the cannon during our walk to the top, but unfortunately weren’t in town to hear it go off.

It was tough to get a good picture as the sun had almost set and everything was getting hazy.

View from Lotrscak Tower

You can see Zagreb’s Cathedral lit up in the background.

View from Lotrscak Tower

View from Lotrscak Tower

Zagreb had a very terrible fire in the 1700’s and the Stone Gate was badly burned. However, one painting of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus survived and now the Stone Gate is like a chapel where people come to leave flowers and pray.

Stone Gate

The Art Pavilion and surrounding park is a nice area to walk around, especially if you have little kids or pets. There was a nice fountain that kept changing and plenty of nice grass to sit on.

Art Pavilion

Zagreb Monument

Gric Tunnel wasn’t nearly as exciting as people talked it up to be. It actually was a little eerie walking around a tunnel under the city, but apparently we just missed an art exhibition that was located there. It can help you save time if you’re trying to walk from Point A to Point B in the city and there are several entrances and exits. It was well lit, but I’m not sure I’d venture in there by myself.

Gric Tunnel

There were all kinds of unique street art that we saw as we walked around the city. Below are a few of my favorites.

Zagreb Street Art

Zagreb Graffiti

This one just made me laugh, haha.

Zagreb Graffiti

Zagreb Street Art

Zagreb Street Art

Overall, I’m thankful we flew in and out of Zagreb so we could see a little bit more of Croatia. The most popular day trip from Zagreb is to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, which I’ll share about in my next post.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you first visit a city?

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  1. What stunning pictures, would have loved to hear more of your story of your day. My first favourite thing to do when visiting a new place is to walk around the town and see what sites are there to explore further

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