Kauai, Hawaii – Nā Pali Coast

There are so many different ways to see the Nā Pali Coast, but one of the most popular (in March) is to take a helicopter ride around the island. Some day I’d love to return and do a kayaking trip along the coast.

We booked our Kauai ECO Adventure tour through Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. When we arrived, we watched a short safety video and were then split into groups based on our group size as well as physical size. We waited patiently for our turn to board our helicopter and then set out on an hour long flight around the island.

This was my husband’s first time on a helicopter and my second (first was at the Grand Canyon). We were asked to wear dark colors so our outfits wouldn’t glare off the helicopter windows. For the most part it worked and I was able to get relatively clear photos!

We saw some incredible views from the start to the very end of our flight. Below is a view of the town where we took off from.

We saw so many waterfalls during our tour. Many of them can only be accessed by crazy hikes to the interior of Kauai.

Definitely my favorite waterfall(s) from the tour. Anyone else just want to go swimming in those beautifully blue pools?

I enjoyed seeing how the island changed as we flew around. All of a sudden everything was no longer completely green and we were seeing some red rock poking through.

I was fortunate to have a window seat and could look straight down at things from the massive helicopter windows. The ride was fairly smooth until the end when we began making turns more often. That’s when I started feeling motion sick and had to stop taking pictures.

Approaching the Nā Pali Coast!

Such a tall waterfall!

What an adventure! I would highly recommend this helicopter tour. My husband is afraid of heights and made out just fine on the flight. It was very smooth and the views were just incredible.

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