Oahu, Hawaii – Pearl Harbor

We flew from Maui to Oahu for the day and then flew to Kauai that night. I enjoyed watching the island approach from my window seat on the plane. Hawaii is beautiful from all angles!

We spent the majority of our time in Oahu at the historic sites surrounding Pearl Harbor. If you’re planning to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, make sure you book tickets well in advance. We saw many people hoping to buy them that day just to be turned away. There are plenty of other museums to see in that area while you’re waiting for your tour time. We reserved our USS Arizona Memorial tickets for the late afternoon so we had plenty of time to explore Pearl Harbor beforehand.

We bought a combo ticket that included the Battleship Missouri, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, as well as some other sites around the harbor. Our first stop was to the Battleship Missouri where we joined a free walking tour provided by a veteran. I would highly recommend hopping on one of these tours to really learn about the history of the battleship. After our tour, we had some free time to wander the battleship at our own pace.

Photograph of Japan surrendering on the Battleship Missouri.

The USS Missouri was part of some amazing things. Now that it’s at its last resting place, its mission is to watch over the USS Arizona, seen in the background.

We also toured the USS Bowfin Submarine and I was thankful to have the audio guide for the self guided tour. I don’t have any good pictures from that tour, but just imagine a small, cramped space with tiny doorways.

There were so many other museums that we just didn’t have enough time to visit. There were several memorials surrounding the water’s edge that we enjoyed viewing.

When our tour time arrived, we watched a short video clip about the attack on Pearl Harbor and then boarded a boat to the USS Arizona Memorial.

You can see the remains of the ship right below the water.

All the men and women who lost their lives in the attack.

What the memorial looks like from the inside.

It was an emotional visit to see the remains of the USS Arizona and thinking of all the people who lost their lives during the attack. I’m thankful we had the opportunity to see such an important piece of American history.

After our time spent at Pearl Harbor, we had time to grab dinner and then went to the airport to fly to Kauai for the second half of our honeymoon.

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3 thoughts on “Oahu, Hawaii – Pearl Harbor

  1. Seeing the remains of the ship below must have felt so surreal. It’s like that day is frozen in time. I would love to visit one day, just Hawaii itself would be a dream come true. Also, I love your blog, the theme is beautiful

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