Maui, Hawaii

We loved our time spent on Maui and wished we could’ve stayed longer. Though I think Kauai was my favorite island out of the ones we visited, I enjoyed everything we did in Maui. We very heavily relied on Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook for the inside scoop on places to see and things to do.

Check out the short list below for some ideas.

1) Get Lei’d
I surprised my husband by arranging a lei greeting when we arrived at the airport. Some nicer hotels will provide this service, but it was cheaper for us to arrange it at the airport. I booked the greeting through and we received very beautiful leis!

2) Road to Hana
The views we saw on our road trip to and from Hana were some of our favorite while in Maui. Check out my post on the Road to Hana here. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Maui and is a perfect day trip!

3) Haleakala National Park
Watching the sunrise over a volcano and the clouds was incredibly breathtaking. Going on a 23 mile downhill bike ride just added to the adventure! You can visit Haleakala National Park any time of day and by yourself if you aren’t up for a sunrise tour. There is a multi-day hike around the crater if that interests anyone.

4) Warren & Annabelle’s
This is hands down my favorite magic show I’ve ever attended. We booked the Royal Flush Package, which included appetizers for dinner, dessert and two drinks each. The food was great and the entertainment was even better. We didn’t stop laughing from the time the show started until we were back in our car heading home. There were lots of shops and restaurants in the area if you want to get there a little early and walk around.

5) Snorkeling
I ended up being too sick to go snorkeling, but there are several companies you can hop on a boat with and snorkel away from the shore. There are also plenty of places you can rent snorkels and do it yourself. We ended up renting equipment and snorkeling in Kauai and had an amazing time!

6) Hotel Wailea, Relais & Chateaux
Since it was our honeymoon, we splurged a little and stayed at an adults only hotel. This place was amazing. We loved the location and how quiet and serene the grounds were.

We could see the beautiful sunset from our private balcony overlooking a pond.

Another beautiful sunset from the hotel grounds.

7) The Shops at Wailea
The shops were very close to our hotel and a nice place to walk around on a rainy day. There were some pretty great restaurants to choose from as well.

8) Wander the Island
Lastly, there are so many incredible beaches and views if you just hop in a car and wander the island. We spent a few hours driving to different beaches that are known to see whales. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any from that drive, but we did while on our Road to Hana road trip!

After our time spent in Maui, we flew to Oahu for the day and then island hopped to Kauai for the rest of our honeymoon.

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