Maui, Hawaii – Haleakala National Park

My husband and I booked the Haleakala National Park Sunrise Special Trip through Bike Maui. We woke up extremely early to meet at Bike Maui where we received our bike gear (jackets, pants, gloves, helmets) and boarded a bus to ride to the Haleakala summit. We waited next to the crater for the sun to rise and saw some breathtaking views.

I’m embarrassed to say my husband and I argued for quite awhile over whether the picture above showed clouds or rocks. As the sun came up, we realized they were clouds.

The jackets and pants we’re wearing were provided by Bike Maui. I’m thankful I borrowed them to add another layer! It was very cold, but didn’t take long to warm up once the sun was up.

Looking down inside the volcano.

Fun jumping pictures on top of a volcano.

View of the valley below.

Once the sun was up and we could see, we boarded the bus and drove down until we were outside of the park. This is where we received our bicylces and began our 23 mile bike ride back to Bike Maui. The ride was not strenuous at all as it was all downhill. I would suggest you listen closely to the directions they give you during the morning drive so you know which turns to make back to Bike Maui.

The ride was nice and I’m glad we did the self guided tour because being in a large group of people biking downhill just sounds unsafe to me. There were many other guided bike tours happening at the same time so there were times when I had to maneuver around them. Going at your own pace was also nice to be able to stop and take pictures.

The views from start to finish were absolutely incredible. If you aren’t feeling adventurous enough for the bike ride, I would still go to see the sunrise. Though it was cold, I’ll never forget seeing the sun rise above the horizon off in the distance and how the light danced off the volcanic crater below.

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