El Calafate, Argentina – Perito Merino Glacier

After our two days hiking in Glacier National Park, we drove back to El Calafate for two nights. My body definitely enjoyed the rest from hiking.

If you’re wondering, Calafate is a berry, kind of similar to a blueberry. I enjoyed a delicious apple pie with calafate berries and ice cream on top for dinner! After all that hiking, I definitely deserved a high calorie treat haha.

On our second day in El Calafate, we traveled to Perito Merino Glacier for the day. During our drive from El Calafate to the glacier, we got to see the beautiful Lake Argentina. If it’s windy enough, ice bergs from the Perito Merino Glacier can end up all the way in this lake!

Another rainbow sighting!

Guanaco’s are Patagonia’s llama. They are seriously everywhere, and super cute!

As we approached the glacier, we made a quick stop to view the glacier from up high. The stop was worth it because it helped me really appreciate how massive the Perito Merino glacier is!

The map below shows several trails that take you to different views of the glacier. I didn’t wander far as we had a tour coming up, but the wooden walkway offered great views of the glacier.

While I was standing on the wooden walkway, I could hear the ice breaking off the glacier and splashing into the water all around me. The picture below shows a small splash towards the middle. This was one of the many breaks we witnessed!

Seriously, look at that view!

We then boarded a boat and went on a short ride up close to the glacier. After docking on the far side of the glacier, we began our walking tour on top of the glacier!

First things first, gotta have the right gear!

We hiked the glacier with several tour guides who guided us along a safe route. There were times we were able to look down large crevasses in the glacier and see so much blue!

Apparently tasting whiskey with really really really old glacial ice is a must when glacier hiking!

What a wonderful experience checking out all the beautiful blues of the glacier up close! This was our last day in Argentina for awhile. The next day, we spent almost all day riding in a bus to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

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