El Chalten, Argentina – Laguna Torre Hike

Oh hey there Fitz Roy! Day 2 in El Chalten and day two of seeing the mesmerizing Fitz Roy mountain!

Today, my sore legs and I hiked to Laguna Torre. Luckily this hike wasn’t nearly as strenuous as the Laguna de los Tres hike. We hiked straight from town today and enjoyed a nice view looking down over El Chalten.

Today’s hike, though still in Glacier National Park, looked completely different from yesterday’s hike. We saw more rolling hills and less forest. We also didn’t have to worry about any crazy vertical climbs.

Every once in awhile, we would see a pop of red throughout the landscape. These beautiful flowers added some color to the otherwise brown and green.

The picture below explains what you’re seeing in the second picture below. We were fortunate to have a beautiful, clear morning.

I had a nice chuckle to myself when I saw dandelions growing. Those weeds are resilient everywhere!

We made it to Laguna Torre! It was so windy as we walked around the one side of the lake, we couldn’t stick around for too long. Our guide even taught us to get down on one knee if we felt the wind was too strong. We didn’t want anyone blowing into the freezing lake!

The weather in Patagonia changes quickly and experiences many extremes. It was obvious a storm was rolling in, so we hiked back rather quickly.

I really loved hiking around Glacier National Park and the incredible views that it provided. We then said goodbye to El Chalten and the Fitz Roy mountain and drove to El Calafate for the next two nights.

Stay tuned for an amazing glacier experience!

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