Helsinki, Finland

After an incredibly long and rough cruise from Stockholm, I was ready to be on land. Helsinki was the last stop of our tour and I had booked a few extra days in the city. Check out the following 7 things I found to do around the city.

1) Sibelius Monument
This was our first stop in Helsinki after being on the boat for so long. It seemed a little random, but also neat. The sculpture is dedicated to a Finnish composer by the name of Jean Sibelius.

2) Suomenlinna
This was hands down my favorite stop in Helsinki. After a short boat ride to the island, you’re able to wander around the old fortress and see some incredible views.

3) Market Square
I didn’t get any pictures of Market Square, but there were quite a few vendors selling all sorts of souvenirs and food. This is where I got my souvenir magnet and had plenty of options to choose from!

4) Helsinki Cathedral
Check out the cover photo for a picture! The square around the cathedral was very pretty big and there was a nice monument in the middle.

5) Uspensky Cathedral
I was fascinated by the Russian influence of this cathedral. The inside wasn’t nearly as special as the outside.

6) Kamppi Chapel
This chapel is designed to be completely peaceful and silent. The design was very simple and everyone was very respectful of the silence.

7) Korkeasaari Zoo
I had one last day in Helsinki and didn’t feel like doing the typical museum thing. That’s how I ended up at the zoo! This is one of the oldest zoos in the world and is uniquely located on an island. There weren’t many people there during my visit, so I had plenty of time to stare at the big cats!

Even the zoo was nicely designed.

My favorite stop from my zoo visit. Just look how cute!

It was a whirlwind trip that only scratched the surface of what Scandinavia has to offer. I will definitely be returning sometime in the future to explore some more!

Have you ever visited Scandinavia? If so, do you have a favorite place or any recommendations?

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4 thoughts on “Helsinki, Finland

  1. Great post. Well done and enjoyably photos. Knowing Helsinki is not knowing Finland. Your carved bear photo made me glad. We love varved bears and they can be seen everywhere. We have even Bear Carving Contests- Here is first of my two posts:

    Bear carving contest1

    When seeing this You understand well my previous words in the beginning.

    Happy and safe travels!

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  2. Some fantastic suggestions here. I’m excited to finally be visiting! Suomenlinna looks tempting to visit, although I’m only going for a weekend. Thanks for sharing with me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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