Stockholm, Sweden

I spent one night and one day in Stockholm. Not nearly enough to see everything, but I was pleased with what I did manage to do. Below is a short list of things to do if you’re ever in Stockholm for a day, or more!

1) Get a sugar high
There are candy stores throughout Sweden just like this one. Apparently Swedish children go once a week and walk away with a bag full of their favorite candy. I wouldn’t have minded this tradition growing up!

2) Swedish meatballs for dinner
When in Sweden, one MUST have Swedish meatballs. They were delicious and so were the mashed potatoes!

3) Original Ice Bar
I’ve visited an ice bar before in Las Vegas. Honestly, this one was pretty similar to that one. I was surprised to discover all the ice in the bar is from a region in Sweden. It’s expertly carved, carried to the ice bar and eventually returned to its natural location and replenished.

Most people enjoyed the free drinks, but my favorite part was feeling like an ice queen for a few minutes!

4)Vasa Museum
This was hands down my favorite stop in Stockholm. The warship shown below sunk in Stockholm’s harbor in 1628. After 333 years underwater, it was excavated and placed on display. Check out how massive and detailed the ship is!

5) Medieval Museum
Within the museum, you could see part of Stockholm’s old city wall. There was a section that was newly constructed to give you a feel for what the city wall area was like in the past.

The museum included quite a few artifacts from Stockholm’s past, including a viking ship! There were very few museums I visited in Scandinavia that didn’t have some sort of viking ship replica or artifact.

6) Check out the city views
All the cities I visited in Scandinavia were surrounded by water. Stockholm did not disappoint with the beautiful buildings and surrounding scenery.

7) Royal Palace
I wasn’t too interested in paying to go through the Royal Palace, but I did enjoy walking around the outside and also checking out the chapel for free.

Beautiful entrance into the palace.

8) ABBA The Museum
All I knew about ABBA before going to this museum was that their songs were used in the Mamma Mia! movie. Apparently when you’re in Stockholm, this museum is a must. I did enjoy my time there and appreciated having the audio guide. There were several interactive exhibits that made it more fun than a typical museum.

9) Swedish History Museum
The best part of this museum? It’s always free! There were all sorts of treasures to check out here.

10) Eat delicious cinnamon buns
I seriously couldn’t get enough of these delicious cinnamon buns. I had to return a few hours later to try a second one! They weren’t as good as the ones I had in Lom, but they were still delicious!

After a long day wandering around Stockholm, we boarded a cruise ship to Helsinki, Finland. After seeing the view below, I should’ve known it was going to be a rough ride!

Suffering from seasickness on the ship was worth it once we got safely to Helsinki. Stay tuned for details on the last city stop of my trip.

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2 thoughts on “Stockholm, Sweden

  1. ah. Such wonderful memories of Sweden. Thanks for the reminder. I am totally in agreeance on the cinnamon buns. I caught the ferry to Talliin. It was pretty calm so no sickness but the drunken Russians outside my door at 3am were rather annoying.


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