Meknes, Morocco

We woke up in Meknes and had the morning free to explore. Our guide arranged for us to ride in really old, vintage taxis from our hotel to the Heri es Souani Granary where horses and grains were stored. The place was huge and could house up to 12,000 horses at one time!

We walked from the stables to the medina along the wall of the Dar El Makhzen royal palace. We never got a glimpse of what was inside the wall, but the grounds must be huge!

These are real live storks!!!! I couldn’t believe how large their nests were!

Our guide told us about the Bab Mansour Gate, which is incredibly beautiful and massive!

We then approached the El Hedim Square and walked around the medina.

We were guided through the medina to a place where we tried camel burgers! There were so many spices mixed in with the meat that it was really delicious and tasted nothing like what I had expected.

We also tried some delicious mint tea, a common addition to all our meals in Morocco.

You’d think the camel burger was the weirdest thing I had while in Morocco, but eating fish with heads still on them topped the list for me!

After our morning and lunch in Meknes, we set out for Volubilis to tour Roman ruins!

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