Rabat, Morocco

After our morning in Casablanca, we took the train to Rabat. Our guide organized lunch for us at a restaurant in the city where I got the equivalent of a chicken panini. I was excited for the opportunity to eat some comfort food!

With a map and some guidance from our tour guide, our group set out in smaller groups to explore Rabat by foot. The walk was longer than I had expected, but it wasn’t difficult and I enjoyed exploring!

I loved that the main street was lined with giant palm trees!

This graveyard was interesting to wander around. The graves were packed in so closely together and they went on as far as my eyes could see!

My first Moroccan cat spotting!!!!

Every city and town we visited had such beautiful alleyways with either special doors or beautiful plants!

We visited the Kasbah of the Udayas and had beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean! The light blue look of the water made me want to go swimming, but it was a little too cool for that.

This little baby cat looked so cute. I wish I could’ve brought her home!

I loved seeing all the tiny cat paw prints in the cement!

We walked along the waterfront to get to the Tower of Hassan from the Kasbah.

We made it to the Tower of Hassan and walked around the mausoleum and tower ruins.


Inside the mausoleum of King Mohammed V. The decorations and carvings were very intricate.

After the early morning and all the walking, I was ready for some caffeine and sugar. I tried Moroccan mint tea for the first time and for someone that doesn’t really like tea, it was really good!

Once I finished my tea and our group joined back up together, we set out for Meknes for the night and the next morning.

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