Casablanca, Morocco

The second I read you could ride a camel in the Sahara Desert, I knew I had to book Intrepid’s Best of Morocco Tour. This was my first solo international trip and also my first time visiting Africa, and it did not disappoint!

I flew into Casablanca the day before my tour started. I was a little nervous about walking around Casablanca by myself, so I stayed close to the hotel and hung out in my room enjoying the start of my vacation.

This is the lobby of Hotel Maamoura, where the tour started. The wifi wasn’t very good in my room, so I spent quite some time lounging here!

Our welcome meeting began at 6 pm and I was very thankful I wasn’t the only solo traveler in the group. After all the “business” was done, we set out for our first group dinner. I’m not much of a seafood eater and seeing this plate of fish really turned me off, but the meal I ended up trying (Lemon Chicken Tagine) was absolutely delicious!

Our guide arranged for us to go to the Hassan II Mosque the next morning before we set out for Rabat. The mosque was the main site I wanted to see in Casablanca and was originally upset I was too chicken to go by myself. It was a HUGE relief that others in my group wanted to go as well!

Morocco was full of beautiful doors like this one!

We had an English speaking guide that told us all about the mosque and took us to each area.

Before being able to pray, men and women must ritually wash themselves at these fountains.

One of the fountains where you could kneel down and wash your face and hands.

We wore scarf head coverings out of respect, but many of the other tourists did not.

An example of a Moroccan bath!

I quickly learned Casablanca isn’t much of a tourist destination. Therefore, I was excited to leave the bustling city and explore more of Morocco!


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