Akaroa, New Zealand

We woke up in Christchurch and set out for Akaroa for the day in search of penguins! We booked a tour through Pohatu Penguins and were not disappointed! The tour was very small and we learned a lot about the conservation efforts of the people living in Akaroa. The tour company is family run and we actually went to the property of the owners to see the penguins. It makes me so happy to know there are people out there working very diligently to protect such a special species. The cost of the tour goes to helping save the penguins!

On our drive from the town to the property where we saw the penguins, we stopped for a few photo ops. Akaroa is an absolutely beautiful town. Even if you don’t care to see the penguins, it’s definitely worth the drive from Christchurch just for the view!

This prehistoric bug is in danger of going extinct! Pretty gross looking if you ask me, but they’ve created these boxes for the bugs to climb into and stay safe. =

The inlet shown below is where we got to see the penguins coming in from the ocean!

We stopped at the owners property and they had all sorts of animals that greeted us! I really enjoyed feeding the sheep!!!

After feeding the sheep, we were given camouflage jackets and binoculars as well as a short description of what we were about to do. In an effort to save the penguins, the owners of the property have created small boxes for the penguins to safely lay their eggs. We walked with our guide who would open a few boxes and we would write down what kind of penguin, male or female and if they had any eggs or not.

Some boxes didn’t have any penguins, so I was especially excited when we opened a box and found one inside!

These guys are different than the little blue penguins we saw. Their population is also sadly dwindling.

We huddled under small lookouts along the shore and waited for the penguins to swim to the coastline and waddle up the rocks to get to their little houses. It was so neat seeing them bobbing their heads out in the water and trying to climb up the slippery rocks.

In the middle of the picture below, you can see a few penguins swimming.

Sadly, this was our last night in New Zealand! We went to dinner in Akaroa and then drove to the airport in Christchurch. We had to check into our flight very early in the morning, so we slept in our rental car for a few hours and then said goodbye to New Zealand.

I seriously had such an incredible time road tripping around New Zealand. I would love to go back again someday and see more of such a beautiful country!

We did have one more stop on our way home. A long layover in Syndey allowed us to visit Australia!

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