Tekapo, New Zealand

We visited Tekapo, New Zealand twice on our trip. Once we drove from Mt. Cook National Park to Tekapo to do the Mt. John Observatory Tour. The second time was on our drive to Christchurch.

We went on a nighttime tour with Earth and Sky Stargazing to the Mt. John Observatory. We were fortunate to have a clear night for stargazing! Unfortunately, the moon was almost full so we were limited in the number of stars we could see, but we still saw lots! Our guide set up telescopes for us to look at Saturn as well as some star clusters. It was incredible to see the many rings around Saturn! We also handed our cameras over to a professional and he got these amazing photos for us! I definitely need to take some photography lessons to learn how to capture such amazing pictures!

We enjoyed taking some photos of Lake Tekapo and also found a fun mini-zipline that occupied us for longer than expected. We were like little kids having teams and racing to the end and back. Certainly worth a stop for any age!


We then headed to Christchurch for the night!

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