Rotorua, New Zealand

After our scenic time walking around Hobbiton, we drove to Rotorua. There are countless things to do in and around Rotorua. Below are 3 things that we managed to do in about a day.

1. Skyline Rotorua
The main reason I wanted to do the Skyline Rotorua was to try the luge tracks! We took the gondola to the top and were rewarded with beautiful views of Rotorua. We then enjoyed 3 different luge rides down different tracks before taking the gondola back to the bottom. After each luge ride, we loaded up on ski lifts to get back to the top.

2. Redwoods Whakarewarewa Forest
Bonus points if you can pronounce that! The Redwoods Forest has lots of trails and a tree walk that takes you from tree to tree far above the ground. We passed on the trails and decided to give the tree walk a try! If you’ve never visited a redwoods forest, I’d highly recommend it! They have them in California as well.

3. White Water Rafting
I mentioned in my Waitomo post about black water rafting and how we had a white water rafting trip planned as well. I thought I was cold on the black water rafting trip, but goodness was I FREEZING on the white water rafting trip! We went with Rotorua Rafting and rafted on the Kaituna River. When I was looking for a rafting trip, I was drawn to the one we did because we could raft down a 7m waterfall! I’ll let you see how THAT went in pictures below.

This was the first smaller waterfall that we went down. We didn’t tip, but we got soaked with freezing cold water!

I can still remember that feeling of shock from the cold water rushing all over us.

Here’s our group at the top of the 7m waterfall. It had rained a lot before we went so the waterfall was more rough and dangerous than usual. Our guide said if it was any worse, we wouldn’t have been able to go.

Almost completely vertical! I’m the person in the far back on the left in the picture below. I was happy I wasn’t getting completely submerged under the water like my friends.

Then this happened… We were still standing while almost completely under the waterfall!

Then we tipped and I went flying out of the back seat in the raft. I thought I was cold from the water hitting me while I was in the raft. Being OUTSIDE the raft was a thousand times worse. Trying to swim to the raft and move it to safety so we could get back on was even more difficult!

We all hooked onto the side of the raft and our guide helped us get to a safe place to flip the raft and climb back in.

Don’t let that smile fool you.

Phew! We survived white water rafting with a few fun stories to tell. Our next biggest New Zealand adventure was skydiving in Taupo!

* Please note, I obviously didn’t take the pictures of us rafting. Rotorua Rafting had someone along the rivers edge taking really great action shots of our group. We were able to purchase a USB of the pictures to share amongst our group.

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