Hobbiton, New Zealand

A trip to New Zealand isn’t complete without a visit to Hobbiton. Even if you’re not a fan of the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit series, Hobbiton is well worth a stop just to see the scenery!

On our drive there, we stopped a few times for pictures of the rolling hills.

We made it to Hobbiton!!! The movie set is actually located on a sheep farm. We took a bus from the check-in area to the set.

We were not allowed to walk around without our tour guide, but she left plenty of time for explanations and photos.

The few houses you can enter are used for storage . I was a tad too tall to be a Hobbit!

It really did feel like I was walking around a real town and I enjoyed picturing what everything looked like in the movies!

The tour included a drink at the Green Dragon. We had some tasty ale and Hobbit snacks! We also met Pickles the cat who lives at Hobbiton and has quite an interesting story.

I had such an amazing time touring Hobbiton and the food at the end made it even better. After our tour, we drove another hour to get to Rotorua for the night.

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