Olympic National Park – La Push

Are there any Twilight fans out there? Honestly, the main reason I wanted to visit La Push was because of Twilight. I know, I know, major nerd status haha. La Push consists of three beaches with very creative names – First Beach, Second Beach, and Third Beach. You can easily drive to First Beach, but the other two have to be hiked to.

The water at First Beach looked so clear and blue! There were quite a few people fishing here.

I made the short drive from First Beach to the parking lot for Second Beach. From the parking lot, it’s a 0.7 mile walk to the beach. I walked towards the small hole in the rock seen towards the middle of the picture below. The waves made the coolest sound crashing through it!

The parking lot for Third Beach was very busy, but the trail wasn’t crowded. The 1.4 mile trail to the beach was easy because it was downhill, but the trek back up was a little strenuous.

The highlight of my time at the La Push beaches was seeing this little otter having the time of his life swimming!!!

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