Olympic National Park – Ruby Beach

After my short visit to Rialto Beach, I wondered if all the beaches I’d visit would be covered with logs and stones instead of sand. Out of all the beaches I visited in Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach was by far my favorite.

There was a short walk from the parking lot to this lookout over the beach. From there, I had to walk down a short path to get to the beach.

There were several of us tourists standing on the lookout watching a group trying to climb one of the large rocks. It was even more amusing watching them try to get back down after getting to the top.

There were several entrances to the beach and I ended up taking a side one that led out to a bunch of logs, which I had to walk on top of to get closer to the water. I would caution that you pay close attention while walking along the logs. At one point, my foot slipped and my leg fell between two logs. Luckily I didn’t get hurt, but it did give me quite a scare.

I was fortunate to be there on such a beautiful day!

This was as far as I walked to the right of where I entered the beach area. The tide was beginning to come in, and I couldn’t go much farther without getting wet. I did see quite a few people searching for interesting pieces of driftwood to take as souvenirs or for craft projects.

I had quite a few more beach stops to make after visiting Ruby Beach, so I sadly had to say goodbye. I would love to go back sometime just for the view!

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