Olympic National Park – Hoh Rainforest

Yes, I really did visit a place called “Hoh” Rainforest. The entrance to the park was lined by massive trees covered in what I kept calling “green moss”, giving me a sense of what I was about to experience.

Besides the tour bus of people touring the same trail as me, I managed to find myself mesmerized at the greenery. I was thankful for this little sign that explained what I kept seeing hanging from all the trees.

There are two trails that I walked along, which were both very easy going and short. The Hall of Mosses was a 0.8 mile loop that took me by some massive trees with Clubmoss dangling from them!

Walking along this fallen tree gave me a sense of how tall the trees I was seeing really were!

At the start of the Spruce Nature Trail, a 1.2 mile loop that took me out to the Hoh River, I came across some wildlife. If you haven’t learned by now, I LOVE animals of all kinds. I stood very still and enjoyed watching these guys graze and eat along the trail. I didn’t want to get attacked or disturb them, so I turned around and hiked the trail backwards. They were gone by the time I got back to the beginning.

The Spruce Nature Trail had more ferns along the ground than the mossy look from the Hall of Mosses.

Seeing wildlife so up close like that was definitely the highlight of my morning! After Hoh Rainforest, I set out for Ruby Beach and wasn’t disappointed.

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