Olympic National Park – Rialto Beach

I wanted to see at least one sunset while on the Western Coast of Washington. I set out on a 30 minute drive from Forks to Rialto Beach. It was a cloudy evening, but the sunset was beautiful nonetheless!

While I waited for the sun to set, I spent some time walking around the driftwood covered beach. At the time, I was really excited to see so much driftwood on the beach with all the stones. The next day I explored a few more beaches and found the same thing! Growing up in New Jersey and only seeing sandy beaches, I found myself fascinated at how different the beaches in Washington were.

Below are some pictures I took of the sunset and also while I waited for the sunset. The first one is a sign that I saw while entering the beach area. It reminded me of the Twilight series, haha.

I loved the sound the waves made when they crashed against these rocks!

The picture below is probably my favorite from Rialto Beach!

Always love seeing the moon on a beautiful night!

This was my view as I was leaving Rialto Beach.

I imagine this beach is just as beautiful during the day! There were quite a few people sitting on the driftwood waiting for the sunset. It seems like a popular and well worth it spot!

Do you have a favorite spot to watch the sunset?

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