Olympic National Park – Lake Crescent

There were so many opportunities to photograph Lake Crescent from many different angles. On the drive from Elwha to Lake Crescent, I stopped for a few photo ops.

It amazed me how many different shades of blue and green the water looked depending on where I was standing. While I was taking the picture below, some guy jumped into the freezing cold lake just for fun. His friends and I enjoyed talking about how crazy he was.

I had planned to park and walk along the Marymere Falls trail to the waterfall and head back. On my walk to the falls, I came across the Mt. Storm King trail. I was feeling adventurous so after I saw Marymere Falls, I decided to attempt the Mt. Storm King trail.

Below is a picture of Marymere Falls. There were a few stops along the trail to see the falls from below and above.

The description on the National Park Website for the Mt. Storm King trail is “steep switchbacks climb part way up Mt. Storm King” for 2.2 miles one way. I’d say that’s an accurate description. I was the only one on the trail on my way up and found myself stopping very often because I was out of breath! The view from the top was totally worth it though! I enjoyed a short rest and got a few pictures with Lake Crescent in the background.

This little guy hung out with me while I was sitting at the top of the trail looking down at the lake.

On the way down the trail, I ran into a few other groups doing the hike. Most people were really struggling just like me. If you’re not very fit and don’t have a lot of time, I wouldn’t recommend the trail.

I stopped at the Lake Crescent Lodge on my way to Sol Duc. They have restrooms and a small gift shop, plus the view of the lake was spectacular!

Have you ever visited Lake Crescent? If so, what was your favorite part?

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