Olympic National Park – Hurricane Ridge

I have always wanted to visited Olympic National Park and after only a few hours in the park, it quickly became my favorite national park! I spent 2.5 days driving, hiking, and wandering around the entire park. My first night I stayed in Port Angeles and drove to Hurricane Ridge the next morning.

The drive to the top was a little challenging with its many curves and 360 turns! There were a few times the road looked like it just ended in the sky!

I didn’t think about the weather difference from the bottom of the mountain to the top and was unprepared with my outfit. Regardless, I bundled up and set out in the snow and sleet to hike along the Hurricane Hill Trail. There were some beautiful views along the way, but the storm got worse and I knew I wouldn’t be able to see anything from the lookout at the end so I turned around and headed back. The trail wasn’t very strenuous, but there was some ice and snow that made it a bit difficult in places.

Saw this little guy and thought it was a lone chicken in the middle of the mountains. Later found out it’s a Grouse!

All ice!!! It was pretty crazy!

I was surprised to see some pretty wildflowers with it snowing and super cold!

There were many other trails and a small visitor center with bathrooms at the top as well.

I made my way to another lookout and was rewarded with some more incredible views! My first attempt to get to the lookout was a major fail as this was the trail and the snow at the bottom was very deep!

I had such a fun and adventurous morning hiking around Hurricane Ridge. I still had a lot to see that day, so I left in time to grab lunch in Port Angeles and head West.

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