Seattle, Washington

I had a work conference in Seattle, so in the evenings and during free time, I was able to explore the city some. Below are some of the highlights.

Original Starbucks
The line was always ridiculously long to get inside the original Starbucks!

Pike Place Market
I didn’t get to see anyone throwing fish during my visit to the Pike Place Market, but I did enjoy walking around and seeing all the other goods for sale.

Gum Wall
I originally didn’t want to visit the Gum Wall because of how gross is sounded, but when in Seattle! Also, when I was looking up a link for the Gum Wall, I came across this really interesting article about them removing the gum in 2015.

Columbia Tower
The Space Needle isn’t the only tower you can go up in Seattle. I decided to venture up the Columbia Tower to its Sky View Observatory, which is higher than the Space Needle. It was pretty neat looking down on the Space Needle!! I also had my first Starbucks in Seattle while visiting the tower.

EMP Museum
The Experience Music Project Museum had the most random exhibits. There was one that had a bunch of movie props, another dedicated to the Seahawks team that won the SuperBowl, one about Jimi Hendrix and another about Nirvana.

Seattle Aquarium
I always love visiting aquariums! The Seattle Aquarium had a pool with things you could touch. The sunset from the aquarium was seriously so beautiful!

Seattle Great Wheel
I didn’t actually go on the Great Wheel, but it looked so nice lit up at night!

Space Needle
Even though I went up the Columbia Tower, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go up the Space Needle as well. I enjoyed spotting Mt. Rainier in the background, just remember your sunglasses!

As you can see, there are many things to do in Seattle! Everything listed above was within walking distance of the downtown area. After my time in Seattle, I set out for Olympic National Park with a few stops along the way.

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