Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

We took the ferry from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi and made our way to our hotel, Ibiza House Phi Phi. We picked this hotel because it had a pool and was right on the water. We had wanted to spend some time lounging on the beach, but it was actually pretty dirty. We saw some long boats and thought it’d be fun to go snorkeling. After a short haggling sesh, we walked out to our boat and set out for some snorkeling fun.

We docked off Monkey Beach and snorkeled/swam/walked to the beach to check out the monkeys. Some of the other tourists on the beach were letting the monkeys climb all over them. I wasn’t quite brave enough for that experience, so I just watched from a distance.

The tide had gone out while we were snorkeling so we had a long walk back to our hotel from the boat.

We watched the last sunset of our trip from the Koh Phi Phi beach near our hotel.

That night we went to a fire show on the beach. I had never seen someone juggle something on fire. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s really entertaining!

The next morning we boarded the ferry back to Phuket and started our long travel day back to the US. I’m looking forward to going back to Southeast Asia someday and visiting more countries and cities! Have you ever visited Southeast Asia? If so, what was your favorite place?

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