Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ever since I saw a picture of Angkor Wat, I knew I had to visit it. We flew from Luang Prabang, Laos to Siem Reap, Cambodia and stayed at the Mad Monkey Hostel. This hostel was seriously amazing! They had an outdoor pool, beach bar, and organized our tour around the different temples by tuk tuk. I’ll share about our day exploring the temples in another post.

While in Siem Reap, we booked a half day tour through our hostel to visit some of the local sites. My favorite stop was the war museum where I learned about Cambodia’s war history. Our tour guide was someone that had fought for Cambodia and lost his leg on a landmine. We learned there are still thousands of landmines throughout Cambodia!

Angkor National Museum was another very educational stop. It was nice to be in air condition for a little bit and see many artifacts found at the temples.

Pub Street is a popular stop in Siem Reap for food and drinks, so naturally we had to eat dinner there one night.

The temples were the most exciting part of visiting Siem Reap, but it was nice to get a glimpse into Cambodia’s more recent past.

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