Chiang Mai Waterfall Rappelling

Continuing with our adventurous spirits, we went on a waterfall rappelling day trip outside of Chiang Mai. We were instructed on how to use our rappelling gear and practiced on a small waterfall before attempting the BIG one!

Afterwards, we hiked for about 45 minutes through the jungle. Our guide pointed out a bunch of plants, animals, and insects to us. The trek included wading through the water, ducking under fallen branches, and hiking up a hill through lush green vegetation.

Our hike brought us to the Buatong Waterfall, which was surprisingly nice and warm!

The waterfall is also known as the “sticky waterfall” because it isn’t slippery like most waterfalls. That allowed us to hike up the waterfall! Once we made it to the top, we had lunch and relaxed. The day wasn’t nearly as strenuous as we had expected, but it was really adventurous!

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