Ayutthaya, Thailand

On our second day in Bangkok, we went on a day trip to Ayutthaya. We booked the Ayutthaya Temple and River Cruise tour through Viator, which included pick up from our hostel.

The first stop on our tour was to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, the summer palace for the royal family. The grounds had several buildings, gardens, and a lookout tower to explore. My favorite part was the elephant trees!

The tile was individually hand painted.


The next stop on the tour was to the Wat Mahathat ruins where there’s a Buddha head entwined in the branches of a tree! I always enjoy seeing ruins and the Wat Mahathat ruins were no exception! I even got to take a picture doing my best Buddha pose!

A visit to the ruins was followed by a stop at Wat Phanan Choeng where our guide taught us about the different Buddha statues and how they are worshipped.

Another reclining Buddha in the books at Wat Chai Mongkol.

After our many stops, we hopped on a river cruise down the Chao Phraya River from Ayutthaya back to Bangkok. They served a buffet lunch on board and had some indoor and outdoor seating. The view wasn’t that great for most of the ride, but it was relaxing and we got to meet a few other travelers during lunch. I also tried dragonfruit for the first time and really enjoyed it!

We made it back to Bangkok for our last night and got ready for our early flight to Chiang Mai the next morning!

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