Acadia National Park, Maine

To end our Canada Road Trip, we left New Brunswick and entered the US through Maine. We decided to camp at the Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park and got there with plenty of daylight to set up our tent. Note: It’s MUCH easier to set up a tent when there’s light versus the middle of the night like we did in Tadoussac, Quebec!

We found a nice spot to watch the sunset and then headed to dinner for some famous Maine lobster!

We parked in the town of Bar Harbor and saw this view on our walk to find a restaurant.

I cheated and had the lobster already out of the shell, but it was still delicious!

The next morning we planned to get up early and watch the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain, which is the first place in the US where one can see the sunrise! Unfortunately, when our alarms went off at 4:30 am, it was raining and overcast. We had learned our lesson about rain and fog, so we decided to go back to sleep and get up in a few hours hoping it’d be clear by then. It was still raining when we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain later that morning and unfortunately, you couldn’t see anything but the gift shop!

This was as far as we could see!

We picked a few hiking trails and spent the rest of the morning hiking. Similar to the Cabot Trail, each trail we hiked was significantly different from the last. We were fortunate that the rain held off and we were able to hike while staying dry!


The trail was marked with blue spray paint on rocks and trees. It led us up this steep incline to the top!

More crazy climbing!

After our hiking adventures, we hopped in the car and found a place for lobster roll and blueberry ice cream!

Sadly, that was the end of our Canada road trip with a short stop in Maine. After 9 days, ~4200 miles, 5 provinces, 7 states, one ferry mishap, ridiculous driving conditions, many silly pictures, hikes & crazy adventures, we made it home safely!! Every time I finish a trip, I’m thankful to return to my routine, but always anxious to start a new adventure!


  • Blackwoods Campground – I enjoyed my short stay at this campground. It was much cheaper than a hotel for the night and the bathrooms were clean.
  • Acadia National Park – Does this one even need an explanation? You can see from the few hiking pictures above, this park is certainly worth a visit. I can’t wait to go back!
  • Bar Harbor – Bar Harbor is such a cute town to walk around and something to do at night if you’re visiting Acadia National Park.

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