Canada Road Trip – Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

I have always wanted to visit the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy. There’s just something about watching the tide roll in and cover all the sand and rocks you were just walking on that is mesmerizing. Even during our time walking around on the shore, we could notice the tide covering spots we had just been walking on.

We got to the rocks right when they were opening so we could witness the low tide. Then we stood on the observation deck and watched the tide come in. After watching the tide for quite a bit, we went to the museum and learned about the history of the Bay of Fundy and some of the animals that can be found around it!

Here I am preventing a rock formation from falling over.


If you compare the picture below to the cover photo, you can see how drastically the tide changed in such a short time.

The tide still had a ways to go before reaching high tide!

I even got my picture taken with a Canadian moose!

Sadly, this was our last stop in Canada. After the Hopewell Rocks, we set out for Acadia National Park in Maine. You can read all about the beautiful Maine sunset and several hikes that we went on in my next post!

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  • Hopewell Rocks – The change in tide in such a short time is fascinating. We heard you can kayak on the Bay of Fundy during the tide change, which sounds even more exciting than watching it from an observation deck. Make sure you look up the tide timetable before going so you can walk on the bay floor and also witness the tide change!

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