Canada Road Trip – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax surprised me. The two things I wanted to do there were Titanic related and anything else I came up with were to pass the time and get a small taste of the city. After visiting the Halifax Citadel as well as the two Titanic related places, I was really impressed with the city and wish I had more time to visit other sights. I guess I’ll just have to go back!

Our first stop was the cemetery where you can find the graves of people who died when the Titanic sunk. Ironically enough, there really is a J. Dawson grave (never let go, Jack, never let go)!

We then went to the Halifax Citadel, which blew me away. I could’ve spent all day wandering around the citadel and taking part in the many activities they have planned throughout the day. We started off with a free tour of the grounds with an amazing tour guide. He was so great and everyone was asking so many questions, we managed to go over the hour long timeframe without noticing!

He took us into several rooms and explained what they were used for. We learned how the soldiers stationed at the citadel would’ve lived and also how the citadel would’ve defended against an attack.

We got to witness the style of shooting they learned at the citadel.

I even got to try on a uniform!

Here’s a view of the citadel from the top!

After the tour, we were able to wander the citadel by ourselves. They have a life-size trench that’s still being built, but we were able to explore parts of it. It was very eerie thinking about trench warfare while walking around!

This is where a soldier would’ve slept.

We stayed until they shot the cannon and then headed to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. I’m guilty for only wanting to go to the museum because of the Titanic exhibit, but I enjoyed the entire museum. The exhibits were very well presented and reinforced some of what we had learned at the Citadel.

Besides the Titanic exhibit, I enjoyed learning about the explosion that occurred in Halifax in 1917 when two ships collided, one carrying explosives. Additionally, I learned how the defenses were set up around the city of Halifax to ensure even if someone attacked the city, they wouldn’t take it.

The Titanic exhibit contained a scale model of the ship as well as several artifacts. The museum was rather crowded, but I was able to relive my childhood when I was obsessed with the Titanic movie.

I’ve always been fascinated with ships in bottles!

Admission to the Maritime Museum also gives you admission to the Acadia ship docked outside. It was very foggy so we couldn’t see much from the ship, but we enjoyed walking around the inside.

It was disappointing leaving Halifax after such a short visit, but we had lots in store for the rest of the day! Our next stop was the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse.  The visit would’ve been more enjoyable if there weren’t a ton of other people there, many there with giant tour buses. It was difficult to sneak a picture without someone else in the background.

The ONLY picture I got without someone in the background!

On the way from the lighthouse to Digby, Nova Scotia, we passed by the Swiss Air Memorial for the flight that tragically crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Peggy’s Cove.

We continued on our way to Digby, Nova Scotia, the scallop capital of the world. Our goal was to get to Digby with plenty of time to walk around and then grab some scallops for dinner. Unfortunately, with every road trip there is unexpected traffic and unpredictable weather. We hit torrential downpours and the 3 hour drive turned into at least a 4 hour extremely stressful drive. Getting past not being able to see the road very well or slowing down to 25 mph for most of the drive, we finally made it to Digby.

Due to the rain, we skipped the sightseeing part and went straight to the scallops!

The scallops were delicious and quite possibly worth the ridiculous drive to get there. We had a long drive to our next stop in New Brunswick, so we left Digby right after dinner and set out in the rain for another stressful drive. You can read all about our stop at the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick in my next post!

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  • Titanic Cemetery – It was very moving to see the graves of so many people who lost their lives in the sinking of the Titanic.
  • Halifax Citadel – This is a MUST if you’re in Halifax. I’d recommend the free tour and giving yourself plenty of time to explore afterwards.
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – Another must do in Halifax, especially if you’re a Titanic nerd like me.
  • Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse – If you have the time, this was a nice stop outside of Halifax. I’d recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds.
  • Swiss Air Memorial– Not far from the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse and worth a stop to learn about this tragic plane crash.
  • Digby, Nova Scotia – If you like scallops, how can you skip the scallop capital of the world?! You can catch a ferry from Digby to New Brunswick and sometimes you can see whales from the shore.

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