Canada Road Trip – Prince Edward Island

We drove through the night from Tadoussac, Quebec to Prince Edward Island. During the drive, we stopped at my first ever Tim Horton’s for a very late dinner. As this was one of my “must do’s” for the trip, I was really excited!

Our first stop on Prince Edward Island was Cavendish Beach. We were lucky we stopped here after our overnight drive because they had bath houses with showers and changing rooms! We set out on the Cavendish Dunelands Trail and were rewarded with our first view of the beach and some very red cliffs!

The beach wasn’t as red as the cliffs.

A trip to Prince Edward Island wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Anne of Green Gables house. Regrettably, I haven’t read any of the books, but everyone we talked to said we had to visit the house. We walked around the grounds and went on a hike through the Haunted Woods. Even though we were the youngest people there by at least 30 years, it was a nice stop and maybe someday I’ll get around to reading the books!

We stopped in Charlottetown for lunch at Gahan House. The food and drink selection were great! We took a short walk around the area by the restaurant and then headed to the Argyle Shore Provincial Park. I have never seen a beach with such red sand! We took our shoes off and walked around in the sand, which felt more like mud!

In an attempt to get to the ocean, we walked through a small pool of water and some sort of bug or fish started biting our feet!!!  It was terrifying and resulted in me screaming at the top of my lungs. After leaping out of the water and a few laughs, we made our way back to the car and set out for Nova Scotia!

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  • Cavendish Beach Dunelands Trail – This trail was short and worth the walk (or drive) just for the view.
  • Anne of Green Gables house – I didn’t appreciate this stop as much as I would have if I had read the books and knew what I was looking at.
  • Gahan House – Great place for food and drinks in Charlottetown.
  • Argyle Shore Provincial Park – This was my favorite stop of the day. The red sand is truly interesting to walk on. Watch out for the little fish that bite in the water!!!

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