Canada Road Trip – Saguenay River

After a morning of whale watching and hiking in Tadoussac, Quebec, we  drove the short distance to Ferme 5 etoiles. We had picked up a brochure for this place and read about the different animals and trails they had to offer. The place ended up being more like a zoo, so we walked around and saw all the different animals.

Yes, this is a raccoon running in a wheel!!!

After checking out all the animals and seeing the ONLY moose during our entire trip, we went on a hike to the Saguenay River. This hike was relatively flat as it took us through fields and forest. We passed where they train dogs for dogsled races and also do some farming.

While we were walking along the trail, it was hard to imagine what we’d see on the other end. Towards the end of the hike, we started scrambling on rocks and came out to an opening to see the Saguenay River!

We spent some time hanging out on the rocks and checking out the scenery. Then we took the same trail back to the farm and saw these tracks along the way. Bear tracks?!?

Once we made it back to the car, we set out on our overnight drive to Prince Edward Island. We headed North along the Saint Lawrence River to catch a ferry to the other side. If you know anything about geography, you’d know the river gets bigger and bigger the further North you go. While sitting in line waiting for the ferry, we saw that it was docked but no cars were getting on it. With a little research and talking to a nice French couple, we learned we had to make reservations to take the 3 HOUR ferry ride to the other side. Needless to say, the ferry was sold out and we weren’t waiting until the next morning to take the next one.

So… we backtracked all the way back to Quebec City and headed East to Prince Edward Island. The overnight drive was relatively uneventful after the ferry mishap, but a very important lesson was learned! I’m thankful my travel companions were understanding and didn’t flip out when we realized we’d be driving a lot longer than we had originally intended. I just kept thinking, it isn’t a road trip without something going wrong and I’m thankful this problem was easily solvable.

You can read all about our day on Prince Edward Island in my next post!

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  • Ferme 5 etoiles – I wasn’t that impressed with the animals or facilities, but the hike was definitely worth it. The sign says it’ll take 3 hours, but it took us much less.

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