Canada Road Trip – Montmorency Falls

After our morning in Quebec City, we drove 20 minutes to Montmorency Falls. Our original plan was to zipline across the falls, but it was only open for a few hours and was already booked. When we saw the cost of taking the cable car to the top, we decided we’d brave walking to the top instead.

Below is a picture of the cable car we could’ve taken to the top.

The map showed a trail that took you to the top, but when we got to the start of the trail, it looked extremely rocky, steep, and dangerous. That left us with our last choice – walk up the “stairs of death.”

We walked along the right of this picture to the stairs shown. At the top of the stairs, there was a trail that led to the the bridge you see over the falls. The trail wasn’t strenuous once you were at the top.

The “stairs of death” as I like to refer to them.

Honestly, they weren’t THAT terrible (nothing like climbing Putucusi Mountain in Peru!). There were plenty of places to stop and rest and you could easily take your time going up them. The worst part was when the wind started blowing and the dirt started swirling around me and into my eyes!

As usual, the trek to the top was worth it once you got to see the view!

I love that there are a bunch of smaller waterfalls next to the big one!

Here’s a view from the bridge over the falls. The stairs are on the left and the bridge in the distance is the one we took that afternoon to the Ile d’Orleans.

We survived the hike to the top and the trek back down the stairs. We wanted to get a picture in front of the falls, but the wind was blowing water onto the platform and we didn’t want to get soaked! We still managed to get pretty close though!

On our walk back to the car, we saw this duck swimming under the water extremely fast to catch fish. It caught at least two while we were standing there watching!

We knew we had to be at our campground in Tadoussac by 11:00 pm, preferably sooner since we had to set up our tent. The drive would be about 4 hours, so we still had the afternoon to spend wandering around. We decided to cross the bridge we saw from the falls and visit Ile d’Orleans.

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  • Montmorency Falls – If you’re into outdoorsy things, this is a great stop. If you aren’t into hiking up the “stairs of death,” you can always get a cable car ticket to and from the top of the falls. It seemed like people of all ages were enjoying themselves at the park!

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