Canada Road Trip – Quebec City Citadel

On our second day in Quebec City, we visited La Citadelle de Quebec, which is home to my man (goat), Batisse, and the Royal 22 Regiment.

Since the citadel is an active military base, we were given strict instructions on where we could and couldn’t go at certain times. We were there for the very last changing of the guard ceremony of the season, so while they were setting up, we were asked to stay inside and walk around the museum.

I actually enjoyed most of the exhibits in the museum. They talked about different battles and wars the Royal 22 Regiment were in, had several artifacts to see, and an entire room dedicated to medals that soldiers had received.

A few minutes before the changing of the guard ceremony, they asked everyone to exit the museum and explained a few rules to us. Then we were asked to stand around the area the changing of the guard would take place. The next thing I saw was the Goat Manager walking with Batisse, the mascot for the Royal 22 Regiment!!!

As the changing of the guard ceremony continued, soldiers started marching in from all directions.

There was a band, lots of yelling, and then the changing of the actual guard switch. Poor Batisse didn’t get a break!

After the ceremony, anyone who wanted to tour the citadel was assigned a tour group. We walked the grounds of the citadel and learned about its history and what each of the buildings are used for. The citadel was never attacked, so most of the buildings are original.

To my surprise, the citadel has an amazing view of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

At the end of the tour, we were given the chance to take our picture as the Goat Manager or Batisse.

Overall, I thought our morning at the citadel was well spent. The changing of the guard ceremony was similar to others I’d been to except this one had a goat in it!!!! Our tour guide and most of the other tour guides seemed very enthusiastic about their jobs, were excited when people asked them questions, and were extremely knowledgeable about the citadel.

We left the citadel and headed to Montmorency Falls, which was a short drive outside of the city. You can read all about the falls and the “stairs of death” in my next post!

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* La Citadelle de Quebec – Such an important part of Quebec’s history and worth the visit. Make sure you say hi to Batisse for me if you go!!


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