Prague – Karlstejn Castle Day Trip

On our last day in Prague, we headed to the Karlstejn Castle. We booked our tour through a company we saw in the Old Town Square in Prague. Our tour group of about 12-15 people boarded a small bus and headed to the Castle. We parked the bus and walked up a path through the woods to get to the Castle. We had some older people in our group, so it took awhile for the entire group to get to the top. Ariel and I walked at our own pace and ended up quite a bit ahead of the rest of our group. (WARNING: If you didn’t already know how weird Ariel & I can be, you will soon find out!)

While we were walking and making up lyrics to “Ooooh, an Austrian went walking on a hillside one day…” (yes, it continued well after our time spent in Austria!), we came across a pile of poop on the path. When I say, “on the path,” I mean there was no way anyone could miss it walking along the path. After some giggling and a brief look (or maybe a little longer than a brief look, haha), we decided it was HUMAN POOP! We were really surprised that someone went “number two” on the trail instead of at least going into the woods a little bit, haha. We have no idea what the rest of our group thought when they saw it (hopefully they didn’t think it was from us!!!!), but we thought it was equally hilarious and disgusting, haha.

After the “human poop fiasco” we continued along the path and started to see parts of the Castle!

It was a pretty gloomy day, as you can see from the pictures. Unfortunately, making it to the Castle didn’t mean we could tour it right away! The only way to visit the Karlstejn Castle is by a guided tour, so we had to wait our turn. In the meantime, we drank some hot chocolate, visited the gift shop, and toured some of the castle walls. I can only imagine how beautiful the view is in better weather!

We toured the inside of the Castle and were equally cold inside as we were outside. We must not have been able to take pictures inside because I don’t have any, but I remember enjoying the tour! We walked a different way from the Castle to the bus and went through a town with lots of restaurants and souvenir shops! We also were able to get a spectacular view of the Castle from below!

Sadly, that was the end of our tour and the end of our two weeks in Europe. Onto the next adventure!

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  • Karlstejn Castle – If you’re looking for a nice day trip outside of the city, definitely visit this Castle! I really enjoyed the view from the Castle walls as well as the tour inside the Castle.

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