Dresden, Germany

On our second to last day in Prague, we went on a day trip to Dresden, Germany. We booked the Dresden Day Trip from Prague tour through Viator. While waiting to be picked up for the tour from our hostel, I had my first crazy encounter with a homeless person!!! We were standing outside of our hostel when this man walked up to a few trash cans, found some beer bottles, and started chugging the leftover beer in them. When he saw that Ariel and I noticed him, he walked by us and mooned us!!! I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do haha. It was definitely an interesting sight and I’m very thankful our ride showed up very soon after to save us!

Our driver took us to meet up with our tour group and to our surprise, we were the only ones on the tour! I was a little nervous that the tour would be super awkward since we were the only ones, but it turned out to be really nice. We had an awesome old man tour guide who drove a small van, told us some stories during the 2 hour drive, and gave us a short walking tour of the city once we arrived. For once, we didn’t have to maneuver around other people on the tour and could leave Dresden when we were ready.

Dresden was almost completely destroyed by bombings in WWII. The city Ariel and I saw is the rebuilt version that looks like the original city. The architecture was really beautiful throughout the city and I’m really glad they took the time and spent the money to rebuild!

We parked near the Zwinger, the famous museum in Dresden. Our tour included admission to each part of the museum, which was spread out between several buildings shown below. My favorite was the science exhibit with all the different telescopes and other science tools. We also spent quite a bit of time looking at hallways full of ceramics from around the world!

I believe the building shown below is the one we walked around to see a ton of ceramics.

Below is the Dresden Castle & Clock Tower.

The artwork below is called the “Procession of Princes” and includes a procession of rulers since 1127. I really enjoyed walking along the wall and looking at all the different rulers!

Below is a very elaborate Protestant church that was rebuilt in the 1990’s. The line to go inside was super long, so we skipped going inside. I was very impressed with the view from the outside though!

The cement block below is part of the original church that was destroyed in the WWII bombings.

Not pictured are all the Christmas Markets that we visited. The city was really busy with people visiting the Christmas Markets, but we made the most of it. I enjoyed some hot cider in a glass that I was able to bring home. We also ate more sausage, since that’s what you do when you’re in Germany!

The trip was definitely worth the drive! We spent most of our day inside the Zwinger looking at all the different exhibits, but also had plenty of time to wander around other parts of the city and the Christmas Markets. We met up with our old man tour guide and headed back to Prague around 4:00 pm. I fell asleep during the drive and woke up at one point realizing we were driving super fast. I had to do a km/h comparison on my phone to get to mph, and realized our driver was going over 90 mph and keeping up with traffic. Yikes! I’m glad I don’t have to drive on an autobahn like that!

We made it back safely to our hostel and woke up the next morning for our last day in Prague!

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* Dresden Day Trip from Prague – Great trip! Even though our group was really, really small, the tour in general is supposed to be small, which is nice. Our guide was super friendly and gave us a nice walking tour of the city to help us get our bearings. Dresden is a must-see in Germany if you ever get the chance!

* Viator.com – Such a great website to look up day trips.

* Zwinger – This museum was huge! There was something for everyone to check out. Even though it was a lot of walking, I enjoyed the different exhibits.


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