Prague – Kutna Hora Day Trip

Even though our Kutna Hora day trip was cancelled a few days prior, we were able to reschedule. We booked the tour through Sandeman’s because it’s a great way to meet other young adult travelers and they’re eco-friendly by using public transportation. We met up with our group and boarded a train to Kutna Hora.

Our train arrived in Kutna Hora and we walked from the train station to the Kutna Hora Bone Chapel. People pay a lot of money to bury their family outside the chapel. Our guide told us this is because someone many years ago went to the Holy Land and brought back sand/dirt and placed it outside the church. Therefore, all these people are paying to be buried on “Holy Land.”

I saw bone formations in Rome and was expecting something similar to that. However, in Rome, the bones were from different religious people (priests, saints, etc). Here, the bones were just bones they found buried around the church. Another huge difference was they allowed you to take pictures!

The moment I walked into the chapel, I could already see some of the bone decorations.

Since Ariel is a physical therapist and has studied anatomy, we went around and got a closer look to some of the bones. It was fun to try and guess how each person died. We saw several with massive wounds to the head!

After the Bone Chapel, we visited Saint Barbara’s Church, one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen! I absolutely loved the architecture of the outside!

This was the view from the back of the church.

We took some time to walk around the town and then went out for dinner. I got cheese croquettes and mashed potatoes. They were delicious, but it was hard to eat so much cheese by myself!

We got to view the Saint Barbara’s Church after dark and then headed back to Prague.

Overall, I had a great day in Kutna Hora! It was definitely a nice place to spend some time outside of Prague. We made it back to our hostel and got ready for our day in Dresden, Germany the next day!


  • Sandeman’s Kutna Hora Bone Chapel Tour – I enjoy going with Sandeman’s for tours because it’s a great way to meet other young people. They’re eco-friendly because they always take public transportation. I enjoy being eco-friendly, but it was inconvienent when the public transportation was shut down.
  • Kutna Hora Bone Chapel – Definitely worth a visit to see the different items made from bones.
  • Saint Barbara’s Church – I would visit this church again just to see it from the outside. It’s really beautiful both inside and out!

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