Munich – Third Reich Tour & Residenz

Even though it wasn’t time for Oktoberfest, our friend told us to check out the Oktoberfest grounds to see a fair. Ariel really wanted to check out this giant pig statue we could see within the fair gates and I wanted to walk to the Bavaria statue. Of course they were in opposite directions, but we made it to each. Unfortunately, we were there too early and couldn’t actually walk around inside the fair, but it was cool to see where Oktoberfest takes place!

Watch out for sledding?

Next up was our Third Reich tour of Munich. We booked our tour through Sandeman’s. This is the same company we did our Free Walking Tour, Beer Challenge, and Neuschwanstein trip with. The tour is 3 hours long and takes you to several sights that were meaningful to the Third Reich including sights of meetings, public speeches, etc. We repeated a few places from the Walking Tour, but saw a lot more and learned a ton of Third Reich history. The weather was freezing and pretty miserable, so I didn’t get many pictures, but I learned a lot!

I never knew the Hofbrauhaus had an upstairs! This is where Hitler gave a speech for the Nazi Party and was very important in the creation of the Third Reich.

Karolinenplatz where Nazi rallies were held during the Third Reich

This building is located on Königsplatz or King’s Square, which is another site the Nazi’s held rallies.

After the tour, we escaped the freezing cold and visited the Residenz in Munich. The Residenz started as a castle and over time has been the seat of government and royalty. It is now one of the largest museums in Bavaria.

The item below was too “interesting” for me not to share! Though some of the decorations looked strange, I could tell it took some serious effort to create with all the detail included!

This hallway was absolutely beautiful!

The ceiling in this room was painted to look 3D. I’d say they did a nice job!

This bed doesn’t look too comfy!

That’s a lot of place settings!

We visited a room at the Residenz filled with bones and mummies of children!

People were practicing in this hall and we got our own little show!

Even the hallways in the Residenz were beautiful.

After the Residenz, we were exhausted and freezing, so we headed back to our hostel and got ready for our 5:00 am train to Prague.


* Sandeman’s Third Reich Tour I learned a lot of history about the Third Reich and Hitler during this tour. 3 hours was a little long considering it was super cold out, but we saw parts of Munich I hadn’t been to before.

* Residenz Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Munich.

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