Neuschwanstein Castle

Ahhhh, Neuschwanstein, my all time favorite castle! You know a castle is spectacular when Walt Disney himself uses it as inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in 2009 with my friend Amber, but wanted to take Ariel there for her first visit. We booked a tour through Sandeman’s New Europe, the same company that we went through for the free walking tour and beer challenge.

We took a 2 hour train ride from Munich to the castle and got to relax along the way. Once we got off the train, we learned some history about Ludwig II and his castles. We stopped at the Hohenschwangau Castle on the way to Neuschwanstein. We couldn’t see much of the castle because of the fog, but I promise it’s there!

We saw the lake that Ludwig was found dead in.

We had to hike up a very steep hill to get to the actual castle. There was an option to pay for a horse drawn carriage, but our group decided to walk.

The 30 minute walk is a bit strenuous and you have to dodge horse poo the whole time. There also isn’t much to see on either side except for trees, but it’s certainly the fastest way to get to the top since the line for the carriage rides can get pretty long. When we finally made it to the top, we were disappointed we couldn’t see much because of the fog.

It seemed like our entire trip to Europe was covered in fog, but we made the most of it! There’s a platform to walk around and take pictures of the castle from the side of the entrance.

I love how the castle looks completely different depending on which angle you look at it from!

We toured the castle for 45 minutes and were unable to take photos inside. We had some time after the tour to walk to a bridge and get the “postcard view” of Neuschwanstein. We couldn’t see much from the castle entrance, but once we got to the bridge, we had the most INCREDIBLE views of Neuschwanstein. The clouds and fog added a very eerie look as if the castle was floating on top of the clouds. I could’ve stayed on the bridge taking photographs all day!

I turned to take a picture of this waterfall and when I turned back, the castle looked completely different! The fog had started to fade away.

How can you not love this castle?! We left the bridge and started to walk back down to the train station. On the way down, we got a really nice view of the side of the castle.

We headed back to Munich and met up with our friends Matt and Nelson from the beer challenge tour the night before. We went to dinner and a beer hall. While we were at the beer hall, we witnessed a large group ordering kegs and trying to “tap” it. This involved hammering the spout into the wood and beer flying everywhere!

It was certainly an eventful end to the night! The next morning, we went on a day trip to Nuremberg, Germany, which is where the Nazi’s had their rally grounds.

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* Sandeman’s New Europe – This is such a great company and they do tours in many European cities. Check them out!

* Neuschwanstein – Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Munich. The castle is beautiful and the views from the bridge behind the castle are seriously breathtaking!


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