Salzburg, Austria – Salt Mines & The Sound of Music

A trip to Salzburg wouldn’t be complete without a Sound of Music tour! On our second day in Salzburg, Ariel and I went on the Original Sound of Music & Salt Mines Trip, which we booked through We visited the Salt Mines in the morning, made our way back to Salzburg for a short lunch break, and then went on the Sound of Music tour.

In the morning, we met up with our tour group and set out for Alpenstrasse to visit a salt mine. We were making great time, so we were able to go on a short detour to the Lake District. On the way, we rode by a restaurant that was built on top of a WWII bunker!

It seemed like the entire time we were in Austria, it was foggy. The Lake District was no exception, but it did give it an eerie feel!

We then stopped in Berchtesgaden, Germany, which is where Hilter built a home on the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, Hilter’s Eagle’s Nest is closed in the winter, so we didn’t get to check it out. Guess I’ll just have to go back! Berchtesgaden is such a beautiful town and the Christmas decorations were a nice touch.

We finally made it to the salt mines and got to wear some super sexy jumpsuits. We were told it was to protect our clothes while in the mine, but it wasn’t too dirty inside.

We took a small train from the entrance to the mine and got to walk around and see how salt was mined. There were several wooden slides that we got to slide down to get to different levels of the mine. It was really fun!

We headed back to Salzburg for lunch before our Sound of Music tour. We stopped at a Christmas Market and got delicious, loaded baked potatoes! It was a little challenging trying to translate what the different toppings were, but I ended up with cheese, sour cream, and some garlic. Delicious!

We also walked around a garden and took pictures with this statue, found in The Sound of Music.

We set out on our Sound of Music tour with a hilarious tour guide and some very enthusiastic Sound of Music fans. To be honest, Ariel and I hadn’t seen the movie in years, so we didn’t get a lot of the references to “this is where this scene was filmed in the movie” etc. My reason for going on the tour was to see the amazing scenery we were promised. Again, Austria continued to be super foggy, but we did get to see more of the countryside!

On the way to our first stop, we passed a statue of Abraham Lincoln reading a book while riding a horse. I tried to get a picture, but it’s super blurry. You’ll just have to trust me that such a statue exists! The building below was in the movie and the lake in front of it was where the kids flipped their boat.

We stopped at the gazebo where everyone started singing “You Are 16 Going on 17” and posing in ridiculous poses. As a side note, no one is allowed inside the gazebo after a very old woman was singing the song and jumping from the benches. She unfortunately fell and injured herself pretty badly.

This is the family’s house from the movie.

This was used somewhere in the movie. Bonus points if you leave a comment & tell me where!

This church was used in the wedding scene. It was really beautiful.

We also stopped for some delicious apple strudel in the town where the wedding scene was filmed.

After our little snack, we made our way back to Salzburg and got ready for our early morning train ride to Munich, Germany! Have you ever been to Salzburg? What was your favorite part?


* Original Sound of Music & Salt Mines Trip – If you’re a Sound of Music fan, this tour is a must. Even though I’m not a huge fan, I enjoyed all the scenery! The morning at the salt mine was fun, especially the slides!

* – This is such a good website to use to find day trips for different cities throughout the world!

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