Salzburg, Austria – Hohensalzburg Fortress & Mozart

After our three day stay in Vienna, we boarded a train and rode 2.5 hours to Salzburg. The tickets were only $29 a person and were relatively easy to book. I plan to include a post on my process of booking train tickets for this Europe trip, so stay tuned!

After our relatively uneventful stay in Vienna, I was really looking forward to Salzburg! My first impression of Salzburg was that it was a lot larger than I expected! Our first stop after checking into our hostel, YoHo International Youth Hostel, was the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

These pictures were taken on our walk to the fortress:

We bought our tickets and took a funicular to the top of the hill where the fortress sits. We were able to walk around to several rooms ourselves, but had to follow a group to do some of the inner rooms. The group tour took us from room to room while a guide explained the different things we saw.

We also toured a room with a bunch of different musical instruments and another room with torture equipment.

There were some pretty great views from the fortress looking out at Salzburg, even though it was a little foggy!

We visited another Christmas Market and then toured Mozart’s Birthplace Museum. We weren’t able to take pictures inside, but we enjoyed our visit. We learned about the history of Mozart and his family, as well as saw some items from his childhood.

That was the end of our first day in Salzburg. The next day, we went on a Salt Mines & Sound of Music tour.


* YoHo International Youth Hostel – I enjoyed my stay at this hostel. We had to walk a little bit to get across the river to where all the sights were, but it wasn’t too far. The hostel had a bar where you could order food or drinks. We got dinner the one night and it was pretty good!

* Hohensalzburg Fortress – One of the best places I visited in Salzburg. Definitely worth a stop!

* Mozart’s Birthplace Museum – I learned a lot about Mozart here and enjoyed the variety of exhibits.

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