Vienna, Austria – Day 1

I’ve been to Europe four separate times now and can’t believe I haven’t written a single post about my European adventures yet! So, here we go!

My sister, Ariel, and I boarded a plane to Vienna, Austria in November 2014.

We had an evening flight and did our best to sleep on the plane. We landed in Vienna on a Saturday morning and headed straight to our hostel, Wombats City Hostel at Naschmarkt, to drop off our bags. In an attempt to avoid jet lag, we had an adventure filled day ahead of us!

Our first stop was the Hofburg Palace. We aren’t quite sure if we made it to the palace since the whole place was a large complex, but we did go in the Imperial Treasury Museum. This museum had all sorts of items from the royal family over the years. We walked around the Hofburg Palace area for awhile and checked out the Christmas Market near the Natural History Museum. We kept returning to this market because of all the delicious food and beverages they were selling!

I wonder how heavy that jewelry is to wear!

The cradle below belonged to Napoleon II.

In the past, people thought narwhal tusks were from unicorns. After seeing this, my sister decided to call me Narwhal for the rest of our trip. Several months later, the nickname has stuck… lucky me, haha.

It was a bit chilly, so we found refuge from the cold in the Vienna Natural History Museum. We spent most of our day here wandering around and checking out all the exhibits. It was a nice escape from the cold and there was something for everyone to see! I particularly liked the dinosaur fossils and may have had too much fun taking my picture with a lot of them!

We visited the Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) and toured the catacombs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of the catacombs, but we saw a ton of jars that contained parts of different royal family members and priests. We also saw where people were buried on top of each other! We decided to walk the 343 steps to the top of the cathedral to get a very dreary view of Vienna. We were joking that 343 steps was nothing compared to our hiking Putucusi Mountain in Peru in August 2014!

We were pretty exhausted at this point and made our way back to the hostel. The next morning, we had to get up bright and early for a half day trip to the Mayerling Woods outside Vienna. You can read about that trip and more on Vienna in my next post!


* Wombats City Hostel at Naschmarkt – We had to take the train to get to the main sights in Vienna, but the train stop was less than 5 minutes away. I’d stay here again!

* Imperial Treasury Museum A nice escape from the cold, but it’s similar to other museums with royal family items.

* Vienna Natural History Museum – Definitely worth a stop! We spent most of our day wandering around the museum and exploring the different exhibits. There’s something for everyone!

* Stephansdom – We enjoyed walking around the catacombs. The hike to the top would’ve been better if it wasn’t so gloomy out. We weren’t able to see very far as you can tell from the pictures.


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