Day 3: Galapagos Islands

I woke up on my first day on Isla Isabela ready for some adventure! Our hotel included free breakfast and then we set out to hike a volcano!

We wore rubber boots again to protect us from the mud. Lesson learned – wear high socks! Some people, including myself, got sores or blisters on the sides and bottom of their feet. It got to be pretty painful since we hiked 45 minutes up and 45 minutes back.

We didn’t hike the entire trail shown below, but we still got to see plenty of the volcano!

After the long hike back, we stopped at a lagoon and saw some flamingos!

Our last tour stop for the day was to a tortoise breeding center. We got to see lots of babies and adults.

We got back to the hotel and decided to walk to the beach and check out the sea conditions. We passed some interesting construction on the way!

Even though all marine activities were cancelled for the day, there were plenty of people trying to surf!

For dinner, I tried half a Galapagos lobster. It actually was really good! Probably one of the best meals I had while in Ecuador!

That concluded our full day on Isabela Island. Unfortunately, due to the rough sea conditions, we missed out on snorkeling and were unable to see the Galapagos Penguins. I was pretty disappointed, but thankful I had a day to recover from the previous day’s boat ride!

Here’s a short video of clips from the day! Enjoy!


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